Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saved By Soup

This is the first time I can say I've read a cookbook all the way through (skimming the prep since a lot of it is similar) -- and I really enjoyed it!

Saved by Soup:  More than 100 Delicious Low-Fat Soups to Eat and Enjoy Every Day by Judith Barrett is not only a cookbook -- there are bits of history, practical shopping advice, and health info sprinkled throughout.

It was an enjoyable read for several reasons:

1. I love soup.  I mean, I REALLY love soup.  It's my favorite thing to prepare and eat besides popcorn.
2. I love history -- so learning about each type of soup was intriguing.
3. I loved that each of these flavorful soups was low in fat (and calories) and that they (for the most part) used common ingredients.

There are several sections of soups -- including fruit soup (for summer), ethnic soups (borscht, gazpacho), and light soups for a fancy meal (pea soup and watercress), as well as comfort soup (chicken noodle).

There are instructions for making your own low-fat broth (quite easy) and also suggestions for what to serve with the soup (whether it was hearty or light).

I truly enjoyed reading this cookbook -- I read it on my Kindle but I'd love getting the hard copy someday to use in my kitchen.

If you're interested in low-fat, delicious soup recipes, or if you want to try something new (and healthy), I recommend this beautiful, practical and well-written cook book (with pictures!).

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