Monday, March 5, 2012

Pegasus by Robin McKinley

There's a trend I've discovered whilst reading new books -- a detestable trend wherein you build to the climax and...STOP.  No denouement.  No wrap-up.  No tying up of loose ends.  Nothing.  You simply build until you reach the most exciting part and then you leave off, making your readers wonder if you just got tired of the story or didn't know where it was going and decided to let the readers do the rest of the work (here's looking at you, Chuck and LOST).

Shame on you, Robin McKinley, for falling into this trap!  Your book, Beauty, is the best re-telling of a fairytale anyone could ask for (besides Cameron Dokey's brilliant Golden and Beauty Sleep)...and then you had to go and buy in to this faddish lit trend of leaving off the resolution...

I admit, the beginning of this book was a slow burn.  It took me so very long to get invested in the character -- three chapters!  But then -- THEN, oh then!  Chapter four took my breath away.

I was hooked.  And I kept reading with astonishment.  Beautiful, beautiful fantasy!  Wondrous descriptions, taking me to another world.

WHY, then, for the love of ALL that is good, did you choose to end right at the point where everything comes crashing down around the characters?  That is NOT an ending!  It is the CLIMAX, which is then followed by THE DENOUEMENT.  EVERYONE KNOWS THIS.

The sickening part?  Robin doesn't write sequels (she has averred).  So, we are left with a pile of ashes that began life as a masterpiece.

I am highly disappointed.  I am outraged.  I am hurt.

And seeing other readers' reviews has hardened my resolve.

I shan't read McKinley's other books (she has plenty of other fans who will buy and read -- she won't be missing out because of me) because I absolutely cannot BEAR to love a book so much only to see it poop out right at the crux of the matter.

I just can't.

Ever been cruelly disappointed by a book?  Tell me which one so I can avoid another heartache.

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