Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Reading, Research and Brainstorm Sessions

Only four more days until the madness begins!  I'm talking about ScriptFrenzy, of course.

I am having to exercise a large portion of self-control -- I want to start writing my screenplay NOW!

However, I've taken some advice from the SF headquarters and am in the midst of three things that will most definitely help my script reach its full (while still being messy and in need of serious editing) potential.

1. I'm reading scripts.  Some will be of my favorite movies (Speedracer and The Breakfast Club, to name a few), some I've never seen (Adventureland and 500 Days of Summer), and maybe one or two I really dislike.  Just so I know what to avoid.  ScriptFrenzy has a link to Dave's Script-O-Rama which has a large collection of scripts (various drafts, formats and genres), and I highly recommend imbibing a few before April 1.  I might even print one out as a reference.  (And it will probably be The Breakfast Club.  Seriously.  I could watch that movie every day)

2. Research!  I read a great piece of advice from Chris Baty, who started the NaNoWriMo/ScriptFrenzy bonanza.  Instead of wasting countless hours on 'research' (or Farmville), give yourself 5 clicks.  Go to Google, type in one thing you wrote down on your research list, and 5 clicks after that, you're done.  That's it.  No more until you finish this draft.

For a first draft, that's a great rule (that will hopefully keep me from worrying about how perfect my understanding of 1940's Dinner Etiquette really is).

3. BRAINSTORMING -- my absolute favorite part of story creation.  It might also be called day-dreaming.  Give me a soundtrack and a treadmill to walk (or a car to sit in) and I will entertain myself for hours making up stories.  But writing the stuff down might be helpful too --

which is why I have index cards, different colored felt-tip pens, notebook paper, a clipboard, a notebook, push pins and a bulletin board spread out in the living room, along with some short, helpful hints on writing.  My imagination space is almost complete.  Now I just need to plug my computer in.

Are you joining in the Frenzy? 

(If not, what are you working on/reading/watching these days?)


  1. I am joining the Frenzy as well! I so know what you mean with that self-control thing, I too have to keep myself from writing yet. I am done with my outline, and I try to do a bit of brainstorming and research every day.

    Those three tips in spending pre-Screnzy-time are very useful!

  2. Hi Hene! So glad you are a Frenzier too! :) We only have to wait another three days! YAY!

    Glad you liked the tips! I still need to outline. O.o

    What genre is your script (and what format?)?