Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Of Love And Evil: Song of the Seraphim, Book 2 by Anne Rice

After reading Anne Rice's lovely book "Angel Time," I wasn't sure how she was going to write a second one and make it just as good - but of course, she did!

There are (more than) a few things I really, really appreciate about her writing:

1. She has fully developed characters -- even if they're not doing anything, they feel like real people.  I'm invested in the cast of characters as a whole, instead of just getting to know one or two characters.

2. She writes amazing, beautiful dialogue that makes you think.  There was a more-to-the-point theme running through this book, more so than the last one, but it was just as gorgeous and I loved that she could take such serious, dense subject matter and create something you care about deeply.

Other things I appreciate are her sense of detail (including the ring of authenticity in her work) and her knowledge of the human condition.  She can write male, female or spirit and it is done so well you forget, actually, that someone else wrote the story down.

I love being enveloped by the worlds Anne Rice creates.  

This book brought to my attention, once again, the fullness of Rice as a story-teller.

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