Thursday, April 12, 2012


I'm wading through several books at the moment.

I read Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors, Vol. 1 yesterday and it made me want to go back and read the Blackest Night run (this one is part of Brightest Day).  Other than Batman, Green Lantern is my favorite superhero although I haven't read as much on him/them. 

I also read Batman: Red Hood -- The Lost Days which was tragic and wonderful.  Really, really liked it.

I'm reading Batman Grendel right now (!!!) and I've only read a little of Grendel but loved it so I'm hopeful this is another good one.

I'm also reading:

Save the Cat! by Blake Snyder (screenwriting)

The Chestnut King: Book 3 of the 100 Cupboard Series

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

and a few other ones but I'm only dipping into them occasionally.

As for my ScriptFrenzy project, I'm on page 36 (meaning I'm right on schedule with ScriptFrenzy but about 12 pages behind on my own schedule) and I aim to write 8 pages again today.  Which means I can write 8 pages tomorrow and be all caught up and on schedule!!  Whew.  

Next post I will be asking you all a question that I really, really want an answer to -- so be prepared!

Question for today:  What are YOU reading/writing?

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