Monday, April 16, 2012

Leave Me A Comment!

I'm on page 48 of my script -- meaning I'm still behind.  I'm writing in large spurts, about 9-10 pages at a time.  I can write 8 pages well, which is super, so I need to just stick with that instead of trying to cram in the exact page count needed.

I even got in some funny bits as homages to my favorite screwball comedies (What's Up, Doc? and Oscar).  And I made my husband laugh, which is a good sign.

And I'm reading even more books --

The Books of Elsewhere: Book 2
The Wolf Gift

I'm halfway through The Chestnut King and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Batman/Grendel so maybe I'll get those finished up today.

My question is:

What do you think I should read next?  Got any recommendations for me?  I eagerly await your response.

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