Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ScriptFrenzy Update: So Close and Yet So Far...

I'm on page 76 of my 100 page script for ScriptFrenzy -- I can almost see the finish line.  I wanted to be done by tomorrow but I'm not sure how many pages I can crank out in between play practice (and performance this weekend) and work (and normal things, like feeding my husband and doing laundry).

I'm a bit disappointed with my script.  I was going along fine until I thought up some ways to make the script better and then my momentum just sunk.  So I'm yanking these pages out like individual hairs and it is PAINFUL.

But I really, really, really need to remember that this is a first draft.

And next month I will be less busy and can re-structure and re-write to my heart's content.

and the next month I'll be even freer, with a lighter work schedule and no commitments aside from a few weddings and church activities.

Writing is re-writing, as my husband reminds me.

I do have some good stuff -- there's a scene that just makes me laugh when I picture it.  There are even little symbolic things popping up here and there.  And while the dialogue and theme will need some work, I have a partial structure and sense of where I want to go.

Which is vastly different from the usual plunge into the deep end that a writing project is for me.

Writing this script has also made me want to go back to writing books.  So maybe my NaNoWriMo novel will be more planned out this year.

Progress has been made, even if I don't feel like it.  Baby steps.

Also: I am reading a ton more graphic novels, a book on stop-motion animation, an art therapy book, and the other 8 books I'm supposedly reading right there will be more reviews coming up after this week.

Question:  What do you do to amp up your creative juices?  Something visual (like drawing/photography)?  Something kinesthetic (gardening)?  Something auditory (listening to music, talking)?  Something mundane (walking, folding laundry)?  Tell me in the comments.

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