Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Axe Cop (Volume I) by Malachai & Ethan Nicolle

I went on a comic book binge at the library on Sunday and came home with a treasure trove: some X-Men, Green Lantern, Batman, Grendel, and...


If you miss the amazing brilliance of Invader Zim (which was written by comic book writer Jhonen Vasquez) or if you are a fan of the new and hilariously zany show Adventure Time, get your butt over to the Axe Cop website and enjoy.

Written by Malachi Nicolle (who was five or six when this all started -- he's now eight) and drawn by his older brother Ethan (who is in his 30's now), Axe Cop is the type of webcomic that makes your entire life better.

What I love about Axe Cop is that Ethan may ask Malachi questions, but the stories are entirely from the mind of a kid -- who loves unicorn horns, dinosaurs, policemen, and poisoning the bad guys (while also chopping their heads off).

In a world full of rules, boredom and adults that can be (if not always) stifling, Axe Cop is a wave of kick-butt awesomeness that is sure to overturn the darkest of days (like Tax Day).

There's so much to love about this webcomic -- the fact that Axe Cop looks like he's from the 80's, Uni-Baby (a baby with a unicorn horn), and the phrase, "It was a secret attack."

I think I giggled through the entire thing last night.

My favorite part of Axe Cop is the "Ask Axe Cop" (questions Ethan poses to Malachi from readers) section -- do yourself a favor and get in some laughs today.

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