Monday, April 9, 2012

ScriptFrenzy Update

So, I'm still working on my script for ScriptFrenzy.  But I misplaced my thumbdrive and consequently didn't do any writing all weekend.  I'm 16 pages behind but I can write 8 pages for a few days and catch back up.

I did do some research (watched The Breakfast Club and picked up a copy of Save the Cat by Blake Snyder to read), thought out a bit more of the story and wondered about printing out a script for reference...

But today I'm going to try writing in a different spot.  The university I work at recently renovated their library and there are some big desks perfect for concentrating.  I'm going to take my wee computer (its name is Pigwidgeon) and attempt to close in the gap on that page count.  I like it in there because it is clean (not like my house most days), quiet and conducive to solitary productivity (which my house also is not -- there's a million things screaming at me -- the harp, my voice music, sewing, painting, collage, crochet, the cleaning, the laundry, etc.).  There's a lack of interesting things to draw my attention elsewhere.  (At least upstairs -- downstairs there are iPads, Kindles, sofas and magazines)  The colors in the library are also helpful -- deep blues and browns that direct my focus to my bright computer screen.

Finding a good writing spot can be tricky -- J.K. Rowling prefers coffee shops (a pretty popular choice), some people prefer having a shed out back, and some prefer the attic.  It all depends on where you need to be to avoid distractions and/or the outside world -- the art of crafting story is (mostly) prone to solitude.

Hopefully the library setting will enable me to set to work and get those pages churned out.  I'm just about to get to the exciting part -- an airplane ride to a luxurious island...although these poor guests are in for a nasty surprise.


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