Thursday, April 19, 2012

The 100 Cupboard Series (books 1-3) by N.D. Wilson

I started reading the 100 Cupboard series earlier this year (back in January?!).

Book 1 -- 100 Cupboards
Book 2 -- Dandelion Fire
Book 3 -- The Chestnut King

(All three on my Kindle from the local library.  Have I said how much I LOVE that?!)

The first book was, in one word, INTRIGUING.  I loved that it began in Kansas (a nod to Frank L. Baum?), that there were several things going on (space/time travel, an evil plot, a lost child, magic, and relationships) and that there was enough going on in Kansas and the magic space-time travel storyline to keep everyone busy and things moving along at a great pace.

The second book, in a word, was THRILLING.  You have scary situations, fights, curses, reveals, enchantments, a new magic and more background.  I think my heart was racing during parts of it.

The third book, in a word, was...CLUNKY.  I felt like there were too many words crowding out the main theme.  It wasn't bad, but it felt like I was sifting the text for the threads of the story.  The ending was unexpected (in a good way), with the redemption of a character I was fond of.  I love when that happens.  I think it was just too long, which ended up inhibiting the theme from being portrayed very strongly.  I'm not exactly clear on what the theme was (the first book's seemed to be BELONGING, the second might be DISCOVERY or IDENTITY) which always lessens my enjoyment of a tale.

All in all, a highly enjoyable read.  The book covers are some of the best I've seen in a while, which make the books themselves feel better to me.  I'm big on book covers (I think they communicate the quality of story sometimes).

Next up: Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.  Have any of you seen the movie trailer or read the book?  If so, what are your thoughts?  I think there's a lot going on philosophically, specifically from a post-modern viewpoint.

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