Monday, November 12, 2012

Who Could That Be At This Hour?

If you've never read A Series of Unfortunate Events, you're missing out.  And this review might not make as much sense (as amidst the SQUEE-ing and EEK-ing there'll be a few minor spoilers or plot points only recognizable by those who've been keeping track of the V.F.D. and the whereabouts of the Baudelaires).  So go to your local library and check them out!

Who Could That Be At This Hour? is Mr. Snicket's first book in his new series, All The Wrong Questions, which uncovers the beginning of Mr. Snicket's life for all of us who were wondering just how he got involved with the V.F.D. (and the Baudelaires).

First off, I love the writing style -- reminiscent of A Series of Unfortunate Events but more like...Lemony is developing his style (a quite clever 'beginning' in and of itself).  He's quite young in this story (thirteen) and hasn't become the slightly embittered, sad older man, although he does have a prolific vocabulary and is already secretive.

Second, the surprises in the book (the truth about Lemony's parents, the reveal about who he was going to meet in the city, the mysterious question-mark creature -- an answer to a question from A Series of Unfortunate Events!) were brilliant -- most I didn't see coming but made sense (which is my favorite).

Third, I love the names he comes up with.  Ellington Feint is a new favorite.

Fourth, of course Lemony would leave us with MORE questions rather than fewer.  But I believe some of our questions in regards to A Series will be answered obliquely throughout this new series.

Fifth and last, His worldbuilding is fantastic.  I feel as if I know the places, can see them, and that they are very close by...Lemony can create atmosphere in just a few words.  I don't know many authors who are as capable.

I'm very much looking forward to reading the next book in this new series!

Also, if you haven't already done so, visit Mr. Snicket's site and sign up for the newsletter -- I've been receiving delightfully mysterious illustrated rhyming notes about the books.  You can sign up HERE.  (Exploring the site further will get you access to the first two chapters of Who Could That Be At This Hour?)

See you all on Wednesday -- as well as Thursday for a Special Post (With Pictures)!  Friday will still be First Lines.

Keep reading!

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