Monday, November 19, 2012

Nevermore by James Patterson


The above shows an accurate image of my brain while reading Nevermore.

Nevermore is the last Maximum Ride book (No. 8) by James Patterson does not disappoint.  I read all the Max books earlier this year and was shocked and dismayed to learn I'd have to wait for the last one to appear (I hate waiting).

My emotions had been wrung to the extreme during the prior books and having to wait to resolve them was...absolutely the worst torture imaginable (I survived by reading probably 50 books in between, if not more).

All that to say, if you haven't read Maximum Ride, buckle up and borrow them ALL AT ONCE.

One of my favorite things about James Patterson's writing (at least in this series) is how FAST it goes.  He writes so smoothly that you don't even notice the pages flipping OR how much time has passed.  I've read these usually all in one sitting because once they hook, they hook hard (And usually right away).  If you ever sit down and say, "I'm just going to read one chapter," you realize how short the chapters are (usually a few pages) and allow yourself to read half the book before you realize what's going on.

So, this was the end for Max.  I thought I knew where Patterson was heading with this.  I was really, really worried and prepared to be devastated by the loss of my favorite characters.

AND JAMES PATTERSON IS THE WORST because right near the end he writes a beautiful, tragic moment and it's "The End" and you're all like "HOLY CRAP THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING WHERE'S MY THERAPIST'S NUMBER?!?!?!?!" and then you turn the page -- "And then..."  I don't think my heart has ever plunged to the depths and flown into the stratosphere with such speed!

The unexpected, crap-your-pants twists (there's really no other way to say it!) were breathtaking (in good and bad ways).

Although I love this book, there were a few tiny things that weren't wrapped up to my satisfaction:

-- one character just decided to switch loyalties at the last second (not a major character so not a major problem with me) and I still have a hard time trusting them (the explanation was "Brainwashed" and we don't get an explanation of how they just happen to change their mind)

-- one character just decides to not care about a VERY BIG ISSUE anymore (less of a problem since I'm happy with the way things ended between two other characters because of this)

That's basically it.  The ending, while completely unexpected, is a refreshing change from all the heartache, running, fighting, and killing the team has had to do for THE ENTIRE SERIES.  So I'm cool with it.

Although I'm really sad I'll never read a new Maximum Ride book ever again.  It really is one of the best series I've ever read, for its characters (exceptionally real), its pacing and plotting (excellent material for writers to study), and the emotional gut-wrenching that has probably given me health problems.

I am now driven to drawing Maximum Ride fan art and re-reading the entire brilliant story over and over again.

The good news?  Patterson has written lots of books, including adult fiction.  I shall seek out more.  AND, the even better news, Patterson is co-writing a new series entitled Confessions of a Murder Suspect and included the first few chapters in Nevermore.  I'm already hooked.

Thanks for the amazing Ride (ok, that was lame and I'm sorry), Mr. Patterson.

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Happy Thanksgiving week!

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  1. I so want to read these books. Need to find someone to borrow them from or get them all from the library at the same time!

    I just noticed that you won today's book giveaway.... CONGRATULATIONS!!! :-D