Friday, November 16, 2012

First Line Friday No. 15

This is a book that I have read several times, but every time I try to find it I invariably forget the name and can only picture the front cover.  Time and again I've described it to librarians and finally, last time, there was an invention that let you search the subject/main character's name/objects in the book instead of the title.  It might have been invented for those librarians who had to deal with me.

The front cover is gorgeous, inviting, mysterious and I'd just love to have a print of it.  It's a perfect cover for such an enchanting story.

Here's a glimpse of the first page:

"Phew!  Made it."  Copper collapsed into her train seat.  The train was due to leave in three minutes.  "Made it, made it," she repeated breathlessly.  "Now please, train, go!"  

The train carriage alongside hers shifted slowly past, and for a second Copper's heart raced expectantly, thinking she was moving, but then the platform across the rails came into view and she realized what had happened.

Hurry, hurry, she urged.  We must go.  We must get away.  She stared nervously through the train window at the grey mass of people and suddenly she saw them: even though she'd never seen them before, even though she didn't know what they looked like, she knew it was them

--from Copper by Rebecca Lisle

Isn't it thrilling?  5 Reasons to keep reading:

1.  The urgency.  Why is Copper trying to get away?  And from whom?
2.  Copper.  I love it. I love the color, the sound of the word, I love it as a name.
3. You're dropped right in the middle of the action -- no backstory to wander through -- will Copper get away, or won't she?
4. I like that Copper apparently talks to herself.  Or is she talking to someone?  I want to read further and discover which it is.
5. Who are "them"??

What do you think?  Have you read this one?

Next week I'll have a review of James Patterson's last Maximum Ride book, Nevermore.  If you've ever heard me gush about that series, prepare yourself.  I have ALL THE FEELS from reading this one -- it is tearing me apart!

Since Thanksgiving is next week, I will not be doing Write Wednesday or First Line Friday.  Keep eating your bountiful feasts and I'll see you the Monday after.

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