Thursday, September 13, 2012

Untitled Short Story Project -- Update

I am happily updating to let you know I have reached 2,500 words on my short story!  This means I'm halfway through the first draft.

While it isn't *very* good (being a first draft), I think I have something here.

I'm writing a story that deals with identity (a recurring theme of mine) and the problems of fitting in and being yourself.  It's in somewhat of a sci-fi setting (with suits, transporters, and laser guns) but could be altered to be post-apocalyptic or steampunk as well.  We'll see how later drafts are revised.

Since I've reached my daily goal I'll be doing more reading this afternoon -- magazines I'm thinking of submitting the story to as well as some more about how to write short stories.

If you want to read along with me, check these out:

Lightspeed (Reading selected short stories from this publication to see if my story would be a good fit)

Strange Horizons (see above)

8 Unstoppable Rules for Writing Killer Short Stories

On Revising Short Stories

And, bonus, here's what I'm listening to while I write:

Happy reading!  Join me tomorrow for another First Line Friday!  I will say, tomorrow's post is going to be EPIC.  Scream-worthy.  If you happen to be a fan of a certain thirteen book series...

...stay tuned.

UPDATE: Spent the afternoon combing through Lightspeed (LOVE IT -- they even have audio versions of the stories!) and found this story about time travel and this story about memory to be exceptional.

I didn't find as much on Strange Horizons but will continue to comb through it over the weekend.

The two short story articles were very helpful and I ended up taking a whole page of notes.  I've started scribbling sideways and slantwise on my notebook paper in order to keep it interesting.  My brain is functioning a bit more fully as a result of being forced to work off-kilter.

See you tomorrow for First Lines!


  1. Just read those two stories... so interesting! Especially the time travel one. I'm gonna have to read more on that site now as well. :) Thanks!

  2. No problem! Glad to provide more reading materials. :D