Friday, September 21, 2012

First Line Friday No. 7

Welcome back!

Let's jump right in:

"The funny thing about facing imminent death is that it really snaps everything else into perspective.  Take right now, for instance.  

Run!  Come on, run!  You know you can do it.

I gulped deep lungfuls of air.  My brain was on hyper-drive; I was racing for my life.  My one goal was to escape.  Nothing else mattered.  

My arms being scratched to ribbons by a briar I'd run through?  No biggie.

My bare feet hitting every sharp rock, rough root, pointed stick?  Not a problem.

My lungs aching for air?  I could deal.

As long as I could put as much distance as possible between me and the Erasers.

Yeah, Erasers.  Mutants: half-men, half-wolves, usually armed, always bloodthirsty.  Right now they were after me.  See?  That snaps everything into perspective."

-From The Angel Experiment: A Maximum Ride Novel (Book 1) by James Patterson

 Can you feel the thrill of this book?

Here's what I love about it:

1. It lets you know RIGHT AWAY what's going on.  The character is being chased, maybe to her imminent demise.

2.  It's like you're right there with her.  You're experiencing what she's feeling and thinking.  Scary, right?

3.  The shortage of words makes the pictures in your head snap and flicker, like a film reel, or like you're really running with her.  Words stick out -- "sharp rock, rough root, pointed stick..."  I flinch.  Those hurt.

4.  Erasers?!  WHAT???

5.  I want to immediately know how this happened and what is going on.  I must take a deep breath and plunge into the story and read it all in one sitting because for Pete's sake, what is going to happen to her???

I discovered the Maximum Ride series earlier this year and fell for it, hard.  I devoured all seven books in short order and am anxiously awaiting the last installment, Nevermore.  It came out in August but I'm in a huge queue at the library so I'm in agony while I wait (and yes, I'm too poor to buy it, even on Kindle).

The incredible thing about the series is that since you're reading about a bunch of kids, you experience everything with them.  You see the mistakes they're making (and want to scream in frustration) and then realize they're kids, they don't have all the information, and they're doing the best they can.  It feels so REAL.  My emotions have been roller-coaster-ing all over the place as I debate what's going to happen and if Max and the gang will finally be alright.

It's a bumpy road, my friends.

And if you decide to take the plunge and discover, along with Max, just how weird the world is getting, I take no responsibility for the sobbing, screaming, squealing and general mayhem that will ensue.  But it is WORTH IT.

Next week I'll have a post about new books coming out that I can't WAIT to read (as well as some that are new to me) as well as a review and the usual Write Wednesday and First Lines.

Have a great weekend -- read something. 

See you  Monday!


  1. Now I want to read this series too! The problem is, I haven't read anything in forever... just not enough time anymore! I really need to read soon.... (but then there's the whole money problem also)

  2. I know -- money + not enough time = sadness.

    So, here's what I do: get the free Kindle app on your computer. Borrow e-books online from your library (or request them through the system and pick up the hard copies -- so easy and quick!). Or schedule an afternoon to yourself and just READ. :)

    I've found all the Maximum Ride books at our library, and they usually buy a lot of new books that I have on my To-Read list. I just request and wait until it's my turn.

    You can also get on and make a to-read list so that WHEN you have time, you can choose something quickly. (I'm SnapeFan4Life on there if you want to take a look at my To Read List)

    Here's hoping you have time soon to read, read, read!

  3. Another nice thing is that if you know an Amazon Prime member (or are one yourself), they have a massive library and members can lend books to you. It's awesome.