Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Instructional Books + Last Chance for Eli Monpress Raffle!

I've once again stepped out of my comfort zone and have been rewarded with a bounty of information that will inform my summer activities.

I recently read two books on painting that were chock full of interesting tidbits, helpful tips and a mini-education on painting with oils.  They were so well done, in fact, that they are on my short list to purchase for my own.  Unfortunately, I shall have to return these copies to the library.

The books are:

Composition & Perspective by James Horton -- this book was really helpful even with my photography.  I had a family portrait shoot and used some of the information I gleaned to frame my photos.  And I'm really happy with the results.  They actually look professional!  The book is short, but the information within is worth its weight (and more) in gold.  One of the things I really appreciated about this book is that it had images (a good thing for a visual artist or visual learner) illustrating the points of the book.  I never want to read a text about painting without seeing what it's talking about.

Collins 30 Minute Oils by Melanie Cambridge is a more up-to-date look at EVERYTHING about painting with oils, with particular attention to enabling the reader to learn how to paint quick studies (in 30 minutes).  There is so much here, I feel as if I learned a semester's worth of information!  There are dozens of images here as well, but there are all different kinds -- paintings, sketches, photos, etc.  Anything you'd want to know about painting in oils is here, and I can't wait until I have my very own copy.  

Next up, I've got reviews on a fashion guide, a web comic-turned-graphic novel, and a discussion on the second Harry Potter book...and something a little different and fun about The Legend of Eli Monpress Omnibus, which is headed my way!

If you still want to enter Rachel Aaron's awesome Eli contest, you have 1 more day! Submit your raffle-y info here:

Eli Monpress Raffle

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