Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Harry Potter Series Project

After writing an article on the spiritual lessons I've learned from reading fantasy, I decided that there were several more specific articles I could write on my favorite series alone (spiritual and otherwise).

To that end, I'm starting a research project on the Harry Potter series, looking particularly for any mention of Hufflepuff House.

I was sorted as a Hufflepuff in Pottermore and while I love my house (PROUD BADGER HERE!), there are some misconceptions about the house and an opinion that we are somehow worth less than the other three houses.

So, I've read through Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone and am starting Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Did you know:

  • Hufflepuff is the second house mentioned in the series, after Slytherin (when Harry meets Draco Malfoy at Madame Malkin's)
  • Hufflepuff is mentioned MORE than Ravenclaw in the first book
  • The first student sorted in the first book is a Hufflepuff (Susan Bones), and some of her family were killed by Voldemort (a throwaway fact mentioned by one of the professors)

Very interesting stuff.  I'm curious to see just how much I can pick up on Hufflepuff -- I might even get on Pottermore and get more information straight from Rowling that wasn't in the book (she has said that she wanted Harry to visit each common room during the series but that Hufflepuff never worked out).

So that's what's occupying me at the moment.  I'm also reading Spellbound (2nd book in the Elsewhere series by Jacqueline West), Harper's Bazaar Guide to Personal Style (excellent) and a guide to completing oil paintings in 30 minutes (I hope to do more artwork this summer).

I'll be back here soon to discuss Spellbound.

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