Thursday, May 17, 2012

Harper's Bazaar Fashion: Your Guide to Personal Style by Lisa Armstrong

I wasn't really interested in fashion until my grandmother drew me my very own 1940's glamour style paper doll.  She created the most beautiful outfits (a red-and-black fur coat with boots, and upon my request, a tie-dye t-shirt and shorts) and I realized then that fashion is an art.  What you wear is a statement, and I wanted to say something interesting.

I've designed a few things here and there, sewn some things, created a few crazy outfits for the recycling fashion show held every year in the city I live in, but mostly I've consumed books on fashion -- everything from style icons to fashion advice to books written by fashion experts (my favorite?  Tim Gunn).

Browsing in the library a week ago, I spotted a bold book in the arts and crafts section -- it was gold with big black letters and definitely made an impression.  Harper's Bazaar Fashion: Your Guide to Personal Style.

Usually the fashion books I have found in the library are out of date (except for a classic few) or they're geared toward style trends that won't last the decade.

This book, however, made the distinction between trends, fashion, and personal style.

Personal style is all about finding a) what looks good on you (shape, color, length) and b) making the look uniquely yours.

This, while elementary, was something new to think about for me.  I don't have to buy trendy things?  I don't have to worry about what color will be out next fall?  I don't need to bother with an entire section of clothes because I know the cut won't look good on me?  (Thank goodness!)

Updating your wardrobe is a must, but knowing the correct proportions and cuts for your body type and keeping in mind those colors and fabrics that stay on trend no matter the season...this downsizes considerably the time you will have to spend on wondering what to wear and what to purchase.

So while my style is evolving (and it's different at work than it is at home), I took this book's advice to heart.

I need to sit back and think about what I want my clothes to say.

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