Thursday, June 21, 2012

Portable Crochet

Been trying to lessen my stash of tiny skeins of yarn and came across a lovely little book on crochet:

The Portable Crafter: Crochet

It has several projects (most of them I'd actually make, which is rare since I think some crochet is better left in the sixties) ranging from coasters to purses to a wrap, all easy to pick up and stash in a purse when you have to wait somewhere and need something to do.

I made a coaster and part of a bookmark (realized I needed cotton thread) and have marked a few more things to try before turning it back in to the public library.  (The instructions and pictures are great -- also a rarity!)

Easy, quick projects in a tiny book that you can carry with your needle and skein?  Done.

It also mentioned that there has been research done on brain waves during crocheting and that they are similar to when you are meditating.  (Bonus!)

All in all, an excellent little trip through fiber-land.

Thumbs up!

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