Saturday, April 6, 2013

Shadow & Bone: Thrilling News!

Several months ago, I was skimming the Grisha Trilogy Facebook page (Shadow & Bone is book one in the trilogy, followed by Siege & Storm) and noticed an article that asked for our blogged reviews of Shadow & Bone.  Since I had absolutely loved it, I sent in my review and waited.

And waited.

...And waited.

I pretty much forgot about it.

Until last night, when I received a lovely e-mail from someone at MacMillan publishers, who had been working on a surprise for us bloggers who had loved Shadow & Bone from the beginning.

We are included in the paperback edition of Shadow & Bone, coming out May 7th!!!


She sent us a watermarked page (it's beautiful) and there was the name of my blog.

Chills, people.  I got chills.

Back in the day you were lucky if you wrote an author and they scribbled a note back.  That kind of thing was extremely rare and a lot of writers were hermit-esque except for the occasional speaking gig.

Not today.  Today, we have authors contacting us through Goodreads (this has happened to me twice), writing blogs (I've won giveaways from authors), and saying a public thank you to those who fell in love with her first book.

It's an exciting time to be alive!

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