Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kat, Incorrigible by Stephanie Burgis

I'm delighted to discover that there are a host of books devoted to the mash up of magic and history, particularly specific historical periods in Great Britain.  Who wouldn't love the idea of Regency England and Sorcery?  I dare say Miss Austen would have enjoyed such tales herself.

Therefore, I was thrilled to poke my nose into Kat's business and learn about her vexing old sisters, forbidden magic, and dangerous society snobs.  The blend of politics, familial drama and societal standards are what make the magic so intriguing (and Kat so miserable).

Monetary demands must be met, so Stepmama (who is more tiresome and meddling than evil) pressures Kat's oldest sister (who has a penchant for Gothic novels and fancies herself a heroine martyr) to marry an older man who they have never seen in order to preserve their societal standard of living.  Unfortunately, he's rumored to have murdered his first wife (and the truth is...not far from that).  So Kat and her other sister, independently of each other, scramble to their dead mother's magic texts and items to uncover a way to save their sister.

Unfortunately, they can't keep their magic hidden forever and different factions of magic users make themselves known in a (polite and well-mannered) battle for one of the girls.  Who can they trust when everyone seems to want them for their own purposes?  How will they escape the clutches of a possible murderer, two highwaymen, and an accidentally besotted admirer?

Pick up Stephanie Burgis' delightfully whimsical mixture of ball gowns and spells to find out for yourself.

See you tomorrow, when I'll be discussing delightfully detestable villains for Write Wednesday!

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