Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pride & Prejudice (AND ZOMBIES!!)

I admit it.  I was a weensy bit skeptical of what I thought would be a cut-and-paste experiment with zombies and the Bennett sisters.  I had forgotten about it by the time I discovered my library had Kindle books I could rent and download by a Wi-Fi connection.  (And let me just tell you, it feeds my addiction like nothing else.  Going to the library while at home??  Brilliance.)  Which is where I found Pride & Prejudice And Zombies.  Since I was also reading Fat Vampire: A Coming of Age Story (see post about it below), which I expected to be completely ridiculous and entertaining (which it was, for a while...), I thought I might as well add something else that could potentially be humorous.  Something to cheer me up in the post-holiday blues.

And fortunately, it exceeded my expectations.

I'm a physical, exclamatory reader.  When something shocks me, I gasp.  When something twists and I didn't expect it to, I jump and (sometimes) scream.  When something scares me, I whisper and expletive and then glance around apprehensively to make sure whatever it was didn't pop out of the book.  And when something is sad, I cry. 

My husband had to put up with me shrieking in laughter every few pages.  The book is HYSTERICAL in ways that I didn't imagine.  To give you a taste:

"Miss Bingley, the groans of a hundred unmentionables would be more pleasing to my ears than one more word from your mouth. Were you otherwise not so agreeable, I should be forced to remove your tongue with my saber."  -Mr Darcy

Not only are there expanded scenes with the Bennett sisters as the best zombie-fighting team in the country (world?), a duel between Lady Catherine and Elizabeth, and several sharp retorts about Charlotte Lucas, Mr. Collins, and Darcy, there are whole new story twists and plot lines that I would never have predicted.

If you aren't really into absurdist humor, then maybe you should just pick up the original and sink yourself into the lovely wit of Jane Austen.  (And the zombie version is much funnier if you've read the original) 

BUT if you love zombies, re-tellings, or ridiculousness, I highly, HIGHLY recommend this book as a laugh-out-loud, gory, cheeky re-imagining of one of literature's most classic and renowned novels.

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