Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Star of Kazan by Eva Ibbotsen

Eva Ibbotsen has been a favorite of mine for a few years now, ever since I picked up a delightfully illustrated copy of "The Secret of Platform 13." I had not read something of hers for quite some time, until I spotted "The Star of Kazan" at the library last week. It's 400 pages long, set in pre-WWI Vienna, and mentions the Spanish Riding School (the Lippizaner horse training academy)...and it's a world of its own.

Ms. Ibbotsen has a great gift for clear pictures of her world. It's like looking at an impressionist painting, but looking closer, you can see tiny bits of detail...

She's fabulous. And The Star of Kazan was so lovely that after it was over I wanted to cry.

The Star of Kazan is about Home, and the story is woven delightfully like a fairytale.

It's a bit mystery, a bit historical fiction, and tinged with fantasy.

Highly recommended. 9.8/10 just because I wish she had ended it with an epilogue detailing certain characters' marriages to other certain characters...:)

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